On this day in 1797 Gothic horror author Mary Shelley was born. You may know her as the mind behind Frankenstein.  Her life was riddled with tragedy and difficulty, as any good novelist’s seems to be. Her mother died when she was only a few days old, she miscarried several of her own children, her husband drowned while out sailing a boat, and she passed away at the unripened age of 53, after suffering for years, from a brain tumor. But her work still inspires to this day. Her work helped form the Gothic novel which lead us to the horror we enjoy today.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Shelley. Even though you’re no longer counting them yourself, your adoring fans two centuries later are still counting for you.

And yes, I’m calling you old. Talented, brilliant, and old 😉 

Just what every woman wants to hear on her 215th birthday. 

Oh, What? You haven’t read her work yet? It’s free as an ebook thanks to Project Gutenberg:

Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus

The Last Man

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