Once upon a time my husband and I were looking through the horror section on Netflix, and we stumbled upon this amazing Canadian show: Todd and the book of Pure Evil.


We binge-watched everything that was available- loving every minute of the highschool/stoner/rock/horror awesomness that it was.

 And then it ended.

On a cliff hanger no less.

 Frantically, we hunted the web to figure out if there was more to this horror comedy gem. Sadly, there wasn’t. But there was an Indiegogo campaign going to make the last stretch of the story into an animated film. And that Indiegogo reached it’s goal!

 I can’t freakin’ wait for this to get finished so I can watch what else they have come up with. If you haven’t watched the show, you definitely should, because it’s amazing. And when the animated portion comes out, you’ll be able to join me in my fan-girl-squealing excitement as well.
Art by Phantom City Creative

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