Hello Hoppers! And welcome to Horror Made!

I’ve joined the army of fellow horror creators in the 2014 web-tour, Coffin Hop.

From October 24th-31st we lurkers of the dark internet recesses are bringing you chances to win freebies and prizes at every turn.

So hop on in and visit some of the other incredible sites joining in on the frightful fun by going to www.coffinhop.com

Here on Horror Made my prizes are limited edition prints of the following artwork:

To enter to win just comment below, the top 10 comments, be they funny, scary, or poetic will win their choice of print. Winners will be announced on November 2nd, 2014.

If you’d like some more choices for prizes you can check out my web-channel on Youtube. We’re giving away a DVD copy of  The Midnight Game, signed by director A.D. Calvo, custom t-shirts, and a copy of The Evil Within for PS4. you can check it out at www.youtube.com/hauntingtelevision

Happy Hopping 😉

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