Hello Hoppers,

I’ve been inspired by all of the comments and all of the other bloggers I’ve been visiting, so because you are all so awesome, I’ve have done a monster-a-day series just for you hoppers.

Today’s prize will be the original copy of “Coffin Hop Zombie Portrait.”

To enter to win you need to subscribe to my blog and comment on this post. I will put everyone’s name on a slip o’ paper and toss it into a hat. The name I pull out will be the winner. I’ll be announcing the winner in tomorrow’s post! The more comments you leave, the more chances you have to win.

I have more prizes I’m giving away over at my web channel www.youtube.com/hauntingtelevision and a brand spankin’ new episode of Haunting Light is up, so make sure to take a moment and check ’em both out.

Come on back tomorrow to see if you won the prize and what the next monster in the series is.

To continue you whirl wind tour of the web head on back to www.coffinhop.com

Happy Hopping!

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