Welcome back hoppers!

Congratulations to Jen!

The winner of yesterday’s giveaway: Coffin Hop Zombie Portrait! 

{Hey Jen! You now have 72 hours to claim your prize by either contacting me or leaving me your email address in the comment section below. Thanks!}

To help you get in the mood for today’s giveaway, here’s a little Horror Made original flash fiction for you.

Searing pain rips through my abdomen. I stand up from my seat in the theater, and scramble to leave. I knock over someone’s popcorn and step on their date’s  feet in my haste to make it to the aisle. Their protests are muffled by the sound of rushing blood pumping through my head. My spine cracks at its base and the jolt sends pops of color across my eyes. I stumble backwards as the popcorn-girl’s date pushes me up against the wall. I loose my footing on the stairs and I grab a hold of the massive red-faced man. My claws shoot out into his shoulder, ripping  through his leather jacket and straight into muscle. He bellows and punches me in the gut. My ankles pop backwards and my jeans begin to rip as my thighs bulge outwards and my entire frame stretches and contorts into it’s new shape. The man’s eyes bulge out in fear and I can sense people screaming and running out of the theater around us. I cry out as my jaw cracks and reforms, my cry turns into a deep growling howl. Popcorn date pulls out a knife, and slashes me across my fresh muzzle. I can feel my humanity slipping away, and now all I can feel is hunger.

And I want him.

So, in the theme of today’s post, here’s today’s giveaway: the original sketch of American Werewolf.

To enter to win you have to share my blog on your choice of social network and leave a link to your post in the section comment below. Tell me what you would do if you turned into a werewolf. The best comment wins the prize.

Personally, I’d go find the nearest assortment of sheep to nom on. So fluffy, so full of baahhh.

Check back tomorrow to see who won and what the monster of the day will be.

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4 thoughts

  1. I’d make damn sure I was confined to a locked room so I couldn’t get out and mutilate anybody while not in full possession of my faculties.

    When I take a victim, I want to remember every detail of it in the morning.

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