Hello and welcome to day 6 of Coffin Hop! The horror blog tour starting with www.coffinhop.com and then continuing all over the web, visiting over 50 horror creators who are all giving away prizes to their visitors.

In the theme of today’s post I’d like to direct you to one of my previous posts, my review of the documentary Cropsey .  Which finds the truth behind the NJ urban legend of the escaped mental patient that preys on the neighborhood kids.

In my non-blogging life I’m currently curating a Halloween art show called Inside the Monster Mind and tonight is the first of our three night event scheduled at the MAC650 Gallery in Middletown CT. Which, I will tell you, has been quite the trip. Coffin hopping, writing, researching, hanging the show, sketching new monsters, and still filming new content for the Haunting TV channel- yep, my head’s spinning like Linda Blair in the Excorsit, but I wouldn’t change a thing. This has been such an exciting week and I’m riding that wave of horror euphoria straight into November.

So, if you’re near Middletown CT, you should totally come join for my Urban Legends story night. We’re reading excerpts from HP Lovecraft’s “Dunwhich Horror” and talking about the actual town of Moodus [which he based the tale on], and the mysterious noises it’s inhabitants hear there. We have tales from the newspapers of the 1800s with a sea serpent sighting in the CT river and some original tales written by our local authors. We’re also doing an of open mic night portion were people who have heard or have written a few legends can share.


Thank you to A.F. Stewart for allowing me to read some of her incredible horror poetry at tonight’s event! You should go check it out on her blog, afstewartblog.blogspot.com

And now it’s contest time!

Congratulations to Nina D’Arcangela, the winner of yesterday’s prize giveaway Pissed off Nosferatu

[Hi Nina, you now have 72 hours to claim your prize by messaging me or by leaving your email in the comment section below, so I can get your mailing address]

Today’s Prize is the original copy of Sasquatchin’ 

To enter to win you need to follow me on twitter (@jeanette_art) and tweet me a hello. (if you’re already following just a hello is needed)

Happy Hopping!


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