Welcome to Day 7 of the Coffin Hop Horror author blog tour. www.coffinhop.com is bringing you from amazing site to amazing site with chances to win crazy giveaways all along the way.

A little update from Inside the Monster Mind:

Last night’s Urban Legend event at the MAC650 gallery went fantastic. We had a the perfect sized group for it. Even with a flood warning in effect. We passed around the book of Lovecraft, reading aloud to eachother and sharing the legends from around the area that we have heard of. And I was very excited to have people actually know some of the local lore I had found while researching for the event. The most well known urban legend was the black dog of Hubbard park.

“If a man shall meet the Black Dog once, it shall be for joy; and if twice, it shall be for sorrow; and the third time, he shall die.”

My co-curator Rachel Caldwell read a bit of flash fiction she wrote for the occasion about the most haunted place in our area, the Connecticut Valley Hospital, and I read a few of A.F. Stewart’s horror poetry (which was very well received btw).

Tonight I get a little bit of a break as it’s movie night. All I have to do is bring the popcorn and hang out with the group for some local indie action with The Curse of Micha Rood and a second (audience picked) horror flick. It’s 7pm-10pm tonight and BYOB, if you’re looking for some early Halloween fun.

The Curse of Micha Rood , by the way, is this fantastic short film the folks at Firesite Films produced that is based on an old legend from Norwich, CT. In it Micah Rood, a 17th Century recluse commits a violent act that taints the fruit of his apple orchard with the blood of guilt.

If you’re too far away to join me at the gallery you can rent the video on amazon for $1.99. I’ll bring you popcorn in spirit.

Congratulations to Georgina Morales, yesterday’s winner of Sasquatchin’!

[Hi Georgina, you now have 72 hours to claim your prize by messaging me or by leaving your email in the comment section below]

Today’s giveaway is the original Ghostly Visitor sketch.

To enter to win just comment below with your favorite ghost story. Be it a personal experience, your favorite book, or just a tale that has stuck with you. (Links to your favorites are also acceptable).

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