Since last we spoke, Alexander (my husband) and I went and enjoyed the heck out of the Deadites concert at the Lucky Dog music hall in Worcester MA. We dressed up as Evil Ash and Evil Shelia for the occasion, and we totally went overboard– as we are prone to do. I latex-ed over my eyebrows, then caked on a ton of make-up, and Alexander ended up wearing about 50lbs of armor to make his look complete. By the end of the night we were both stoked to peel off our extra layers and return to a mostly normal state of  being.

Despite our ridiculous costuming choices we thoroughly enjoyed the show. All of the  bands that were playing were so much fun.

 Transdusk,  a industrialized metal/rock band, was the opening act. We only caught the second half of their set unfortunately. Which was extra disappointing because I was so enamored with them that I completely forgot I was supposed to be filming until they took their bows. (Sorry guys!) But I do plan on seeing them again soon. Their next concert is supposed to be in December. So I can vlog them up next time.

After that came the Agents of Chaos who were not only incredibly good, but hilarious. They call their style of music “Futurecore Hip Hopera electronic music.” They have this song called “engage” which is all Star Trek references. I need to go buy it. Because I want to listen to it on loop for at least the next week. They were also flinging prizes out into the audience for the majority of their performance and I’m so glad Alexander managed to snag one of their recruitment comic books so we can download a free song 🙂

Next up was Gamble and Burke. They are an electro soul duo who have great stage presence and know how to get a crowd moving. And Gamble apparently came from LA to do the show. Crossing the country to come spend Halloween in Worscester? Awesome. And a solid choice.

 After that, the Deadites stormed the stage.
I still can’t get over how funny these guys are. On stage they are constantly heckling each other and taunting the audience. That, combined with their many-layered music, made for a really enjoyable set. I have no idea how to properly describe their music, but here’s their blurb from facebook,
The Deadites are the preeminent monster hunting/slaying team east of the Mississippi, north of the Mason Dixon line and west of the western coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, but south of the Mei Lee Garden Chinese Food Restaurant on 381 Madison Avenue in Skowhegan, Maine.

Also, we write some of the best electronic dance music in the world.”

We’re editing together a little video of the evening to air on Haunting TV. I’ll let you know once it’s up so you can enjoy some of their antics for yourself. Or, you could just listen to their podcast  “Trick or Treat Radio.” The basis of the podcast is that they watch and then review movies. They do a pretty darn good job with it too. They pay attention to all of the aspects of the film and take it all into consideration before saying whether it’s a trick (don’t bother watching) or a treat (watch it, now). Just listening to them rag on each other makes you feel like you’ve know them for years. Or, at least that’s how I feel anyway… Not to fan-girl over them too much…

But seriously, I have been binge listening to them all day and laughing constantly. I’m just sad I didn’t find these guys sooner.

Today I only have two out of the three Halloween sketches done, since I’ve been going a little overboard on details. So Rebecca, you’ll just have to wait one more day for your Creature from the black lagoon to be revealed.

Here is A.F. Stewart’s Medusa:

Horror Made original artwork: Medusa
  And here is Joanna Parypinski’s Pumpkinhead:
Horror Made original artwork: Pumpkinhead
I’m getting prints made and envelopes ready for the mass mailing of art prizes tomorrow, so you guys won’t have too much longer to wait. 🙂

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