Happy Halloween!!

Today is the last day of coffin hop 2014 and I’m a little sad to be saying farewell to this past week of amazing horror stories, authors and prizes all stemming from www.coffinhop.com. It has been so much fun connecting with all of these horror authors, and meeting some great new readers. I love all of you. Seriously, you make me feel less like a bizarre charcoal infused snowflake adrift in the New England smog and more like a member of some amazing tribe of horror warriors. You all rock.

And a particular thank you goes out to Rebecca aka @creepywalker, she’s the reason I heard about and joined up with coffin hop, and you should all follow her, because she’s amazing, Another shout out to A.F. Stewart for being one of my most consistent visitors this week, and to Julianne Snow and Nina D’Arcangela for their own particular level of awesomeness.

Last night was movie night at my Inside the Monster Mind show. And again, some great folks came out to join me. We ended up watching movies until 1am instead of 10pm because we were just having too much fun. So much for sleep, lol. We watched The Curse of Micah Rood, Haunting Light, The Peanut Butter Solution (world’s most disturbing kids movie) and The Exorcist (the original, of course.)

Tomorrow’s going to be a full day and night of crazy, and I’m so excited for it.

First off, the final episode of Haunting Light (season 1) goes live at 10pm eastern. And then there’s the  Halloween festivities at the MAC650 gallery. I’ll be doing zombie make-up while listening to live music. And people will be getting their fortunes told in this ridiculous set I built in the basement. I’ll post some pictures of it from you tomorrow, because I’m a little overly proud of it. Then we’re live streaming all of season 1 of Haunting Light right on up to the new episode airing at 10pm. After that it’s off to the shambling races with our zombie pub crawl. Yep, it’s going to be a fun night.

Prize time! Today’s winner was too challenging a decision to make, because everyone left such great responses to my ghost story question. So, rather than decide I put everyone’s name into a hat and pulled one out randomly.

Congratulations to JKP [Johanna aka The Manicheans] for winning yesterday’s Ghostly Visitor Sketch.

[You now have 72 hours to claim your prize by messaging me or by leaving your email in the comment section below]

Today’s prize is your choice. I will do 3 different sketches in the style of my coffin hop monster series just for you. So the first 3 people to comment on my page with a monster and tweet, FB or google+ post about tonight’s episode of Haunting Light with @HauntingTV and #coffinhop in it will be my Halloween winners!

Happy hopping my friends. And I hope you have a wickedly good time tonight.


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