Mondays are swiftly becoming my weekend-wrap-up so today, in addition to filling you in on this weekend’s non-sense, I am also announcing a couple changes coming here to HorrorMade.

First off, sorry for the late post today. This weekend really put me through the wringer. I was filming out in the forests of New York State and it turned into quite the miss-adventure.

We rented this little cabin out in the woods and arrived on Friday to start set dressing and staging lights. But my goodness, that cabin… I don’t know how normal people would have paid $150 a night to stay there.

When you first open the door the thick smell of moldy air forces its way down your lungs. It was like breathing in curdled milk, it was so thick  and pungent. And it was, unfortunately, too cold out to open the windows to get some fresh air. After a couple hours of moving furniture and choking on the clouds of dust and cobwebs revealed by our movement. All I wanted was to take a shower to remove the coating of grime I had collected. At the end of our long night I happily go to take said shower only to discover that the signs above every sink declaring “Caution! Water gets incredibly hot very fast!” Were all lying to me. There was no hot water and only a dribbling amount of pressure. So, failing at that I pajama up and go to climb into bed. I stop when I discover a massive pile of mouse feces and crewed up acorns on the pillows. So I stripped the bed all the way down and ended up sleeping on just a sheet. As I’m frettfully drifting off to sleep I keep hearing tiny clawed paws skittering inside of the walls.  When I finally did fall asleep I dremt of mice crawling into my ears and nibbling on my brain.

Thankfully the shoot itself went a little bit smoother. We had a stellar cast and crew on this episode and even though the shoot went longer than the 12 hour mark we got everything we needed. Now that I’m home, showered and post benadryl coma I’m feeling a ton better.

OK, so here’s what I have planned for HorrorMade starting this week:

I will now be publishing 2 posts every week. There will be a post every Monday and Wednesday morning. And starting right now – as requested by my buddy Framework_F on instagram- I will be continuing the artwork giveaway as a monthly contest.

This month you have a chance to win one complete set of limited edition prints of the coffin hop monsters. To enter to win you just have to comment on or share my posts during the month of November. Every time you comment  or share the post gives you another entry in the November 30th drawing. (When you share use the #HorrorMade so I can find your posts).

Good luck to you and I’ll see you again on Wednesday 🙂

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