Flash Fiction

Holiday Horror Flash Fiction Round-up

In the spirit of the season I was having a hankering for some short holiday horror stories. So I’ve been hunting around for some flash fiction to share with you. On my hunt I found a great writting challenge on terribleminds.com . I read my way through the submissions and figured I’d share some of the awesome work that everyone made. Here are the links to some of my favorite pieces this year:

This tale brings you a little Krampus for Christmas: youcantgoback-andotherimpossibilities.blogspot.com

But what if you were naughty this year? suziehunt.co.uk

And what if you the naughtiest child of all?  pavorisms.wordpress.com

This one is – by far- my favorite tale of all, and so freakin’ funny!: Elfpocalypse Now – ryanjamesblack.com

If you’re hankering for more awesome flash fiction make sure to go check out Chuck Wendig’s blog: terribleminds.com.

Want a little more with your spiked eggnog today?

Check out Haunting TV’s top 10 creepy Christmas Movies:

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