A Horror Made Original: Roommate Wanted
Director: Paul Melluzo

My buddy Paul Melluzzo is producing a short film called “Roommate Wanted” and I’ll be helping him out with it in the upcoming weeks. (Because what better way to ring in the holiday season than by splattering myself with fake blood?)

I’m really excited about working on this with him, and extra stoked about some of the gore I get to try out once we get there.

Here’s the story:

“Jeff never considered asking his fiancée Emilia if an old friend could stay for the week. As the old friend arrives, Emilia is shocked to see how devastatingly beautiful this “old friend” is and becomes instantly cynical of the real reason that her fiancé offered the invitation to stay. Who is this woman and where did she come from? And what is the deal with the red shoes?”

We only need $5000 total to make this project happen, so if you can, share the project please!

Or if you’re tight on time and would rather give us money, that would be cool too 😉

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