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The University of Connecticut (my alma mater) has one of the only puppetry programs in the USA and one of the top programs in the world. There are always incredible shows coming out of their programs, but there is one in particular that I often find myself reminiscing on, that is The Tell Tale Heart¬†as performed by some of the most disturbing puppets I’ve ever seen. It took a pretty full team of puppeteers, model makers, lighting and camera students to put this project together, and it came out beautifully. Well, beautiful in a weird and twisted macabre Poe way. Thankfully, this MFA thesis project was made into a short film, so I can find and re-watch this performance as man times as I want. Here’s the trailer to the piece:

Lyn Kagen was the brain behind this project, she directed, edited, performed, and built the puppets for this version of The Tell-Tale heart, and here’s an interview with her about the project:

I was in the BFA theater design program during the filming for this short and I was so impressed with Lyn’s unflappable clam, and devoted work ethic. I have always carried that with me as a goal to strive for while working on my own projects. The aesthetic of the film is one I am constantly trying to emulate in my personal artwork, and more recently on the puppet designs I did for a season 2 episode of my “Haunting Light” Web-series.

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