Going into this movie I had no preconceived notions of what it was about. All I had heard was that people really enjoyed it. So I popped on over to Netflix, clicked it on and was entirely blow away. Because holy brutal violence batman! I was not prepared for the ride this post apocalyptic train took me on.


Global warming was threatening the population of humans on earth so the governments of the world shot a chemical into the atmosphere, and accidentally froze the world in it’s tracks, causing a new ice-age to occur. The only survivors were the people who managed to cram onto this train, the snowpiercer.

From the very first frames of the story you can tell that there is some serious unrest in the train car, where they eat only the jell-o like blocks of protein and armed soldiers have complete control over there existence. The desperation and drive to revolt is just barely contained. With some espionage and a massive wave of commoners the people from the back of the train push their way through to the front. Each train car is a fascinating little world contained in itself. Cars for making the protein blocks, cars for water, cars for education, cars for housing, and even a cell-block for criminals. The hero of the revolution, Curtis teams up with Namgoong Minsoo, a drug addled ex-engineer, to make his way to the front of the train to try to make it a better place for the people of the back car.


First off, the production design of this movie was stunning. From the grime coated and cramped first car all the way to the front there were some incredible design choices and so many details packed into each set. The planning that went into designing the environments was utterly inspiring. Everything felt real and a specific purpose. The camera work was also something to marvel at. They used the shaky-cam technique only where it added to kinetic pace of the moment. Finally! An example of how to Clover-field without being obnoxious! The acting in this movie was kept my attention rivited to the screen. Chris Evans in particular did an incredible job. But the performances from all of the cast really got you to care about the struggle they were engaged in. It also got me thinking about the struggle of the class system inside of the train and how, even though there was hardly anything left to fight over people still kept to the class system of the world before it ended. Why can’t humans show compassionate to each other? And then I started thinking about society and how our world wasn’t just destroying itself through pollution. It was/is tearing itself apart at the seams, the same way the society of the Snowpiercer train was.


I will be watching this movie again and again. There are just so many details to revisit and plot points hidden in the chaos that deserve a second, third, or even fifth viewing to really be able to enjoy all of it. I give Snowpiercer 5 out of  5 possible stars and I highly recommend that you check this one out.

Like I mentioned, you can find it on Netflix currently or you could be extra fancy and purchase it over on

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