What’s Rockabilly you ask?


It’s that vintage fashion you see on fun, artistic looking individuals. It’s the fashion that takes the silhouettes of the 1920’s-1950’s and mixes in modern touches. And it’s the styling I lust after when I’m getting bored with my gothy wardrobe. Which happens because – gasp! – I actually kind of love color. Normally dyeing my hair a different shade every few weeks satisfies it, but right now the winter grays have me wanting to deck everything out in red polka dots.

I found this great post on organisedkaos.hubpages.com that breaks down the elements of  the style really well. So for the proper how-to go check out that post.

But If you just want some fun examples of how to Rockabilly here’s a collage to inspire you.

Also here’s a few stores I found that cater to the cause:





Plus sizes:


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