Whew! Sorry for the sad state of affairs with missing posting this on Friday guys! I got all caught up in a trip to Boston with some friends that ended up being quite the adventure. Like arriving at our destination and then having to drive around for three hours before being able to find a parking. But I met so  many great people and a had quite the unexpected adventure while on my wander,

I have returned, though happy, with a swollen,  bruised up, and useless knee as my souvenir. How? I’ll start off with a little advice:

 “Beware of the vengeful spirit of serial killers for they do not enjoy being mocked through interpretive dubstep.”

 Ok, so how did I mangle my knee? Yep you guessed it. I was dancing up a storm at a club. I was being totally ridiculous about it because my dance skill level is close to that of PeeWee Herman’s. And at one point a song that had to do with “knocking down the door” and “he’s in the house” came on. And I decide it’s a great moment to badly dubstep out a performance with my friend as if I was the victim and she was the serial killer. There was some very dramatic running in place followed by pretend stabbing motions and me hand-miming fountains of blood coming from my neck. Part of me wishes someone was recording this because it was so deliciously ridiculous. The song changed and we laughed heartily while returning to our less imaginative routine when my knee decides it is done now and pops out of it’s socket and off to the right. I’ve never felt my bones feel so loose and out of place before in my life! Thankfully it popped right back in, But that officially ended my evening of mocking the vengeful spirits of serial killers. LOL
So, leaving those crumbs of useless wisdom behind for you let’s get to the good stuff!
 Who won the Sketch of Ripley?!

*drum roll*

Why it was the lovely miss Jeanette J! Congratulations!

 (No that’s not me, there’s an actual human being who commented and happened to share the same first name. Hi fellow Jeanette!)

So to my two winners of Women in Horror Month art. I will be emailing you this week so I can mail off your prizes.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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