The premise of this hop is to be the antithesis of Valentine’s Day. There’s no sweet romance, or lovey-dovey stuff allowed. Down with the idea of candy and flowers! These writers shun sappy romance, and showcase the ugly side of love. We are celebrating heartbreak, love gone wrong, romantic mayhem and tragedy. At the Bloody Valentine Horror Hop you will find out what happens when the rose petals die, the candy melts, and lovers go looking for payback.

 Here on Horror Made I am hosting my first ever guest writer – Alexander James. He has written some dark poetry and taken the words you are about to read below into a haunting performance which you can below. If you would like to read his words, you can do so right below.

Tonight we share a taste of things to come.

Withered hand,

Fate and sun.

The time has come to take our place.

In the deep,

Fear does chase.

The dark takes hold.

Pulse drops.

Iron bindings keep me locked.

Tucked away for another day.

Lead me now,

Take me away.

I know not where this path does lead.

My nightmares come.

Stick and bleed.

Dark shapes wander,

Sit and ponder.

What to do with this fresh morsel.

‘Swallow it whole’ says the one on the left.

‘Boil it alive’ says the one on the right.

Torture it slowly is what they do every night.

Hope dashed to rocks.

Love with arrows slung through.

Give up quickly is what I know I should do.

Kill the day,

Starve the night.

Spit in the direction of the light.

Do I care?

Is there hope?

Ask the one who breathes in snow.

I know not.

Does she know better?

Our paths branch off.

The change of weather.


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