Welcome to my book review of

Crash By Micheal Robertson 

which made it’s original debut in 2013


This story is set in London, England in the very plausible near future where a record-breaking cold winter has fallen and the entire euro zone has collapsed, leaving the world as we know it in shambles. The financial world is in crumbling ruins and people are fighting over dwindling resources.

Our main characters are Chris, an over-weight forty-something ex-workaholic banker and his skeletal 10 year old son, Micheal. They are hiding in their frozen mansion after Diane, the bitchy “plastic” wife and Tilley, Micheal’s twin sister, have left. On the morning of this story, a group of vicious pirates show up. I don’t mean the swashbuckling kind either, I mean the, “give us your food, your women, and you life,” kind of pirate. It’s made clear very quickly that leaving their little culd-è-sac mansion/prison alive is going to be next to impossible. Because the leader of said pirates is a blood caked psychopath who starts taking out his blood lust on the remnants of the people living in these expensive homes. As the story of how to escape from the Pirates unfolds we gets a sprinkling of flash-backs that fill in the characters and the details of the world before everything broke into bits.


This book is incredibly brutal, I can’t stress that enough. If this were a movie it would be rated R and on the edge of NC-17 for violence, language and gore. So if you’re into gore and seeing the absolute worst in humanity from both the protagonists and the antagonists, then you’ll enjoy it. If you’re even slightly squeamish, then I’d recommend giving this book a pass.

I will say that this is a very well written book. And I guarantee it will make an impression on you, for better or worse. This view of an apocalypse makes you actually hope for zombies or plague. The reality of humanity’s readiness and competence for violence is absolutely horrifying. At least with zombies and virus’s it isn’t necessarily someone’s choice to brutalize you.That is one of the things this book did so incredibly well.  It shows you the hideousness of each character. All of their flaws are laid out in front of you and are vivisected for a closer look. However, despite the ugliness, Robertson finds ways to show the underlying glimmers of humanity that somehow redeems the flaws. It’s a pretty masterful manipulation of the reader’s emotions. When you first meet Chris, the ex-banker, you just hate him. I was incredibly frustrated with his inability to act and his fetid personality. But somehow, I actually came to understand and almost like him by the end of the book. Also, how this book wraps up was the perfect lead-in to the sequel. I’m not sure how else you could have ended it and still manage to get people to want to read the next blood soaked tale.


I’m giving this book two ratings

The first rating is for those who like their post apocalypse to have a definitive hero and some artistically withheld moments during the violence. For this group, I only give it two stars out of five. It’s so brutal, and the killings seem to drag on forever. There was one death in particular that made me want to throw this book across the room. It’s just one of those things that always gets me upset, and it’s a pretty universal trigger for people. With this in mind, give it a wide berth folks. Your time can be better spent elsewhere.

However, for those who want a well written, carnage -filled book that has scenes so brutal you’ll want to throw the book across the room: 5 out of 5 stars. The gore, violence, and thought provoking insight into people and the scary reality of our world makes it worth checking out.

Also, this is the first book in a while that has actually managed to give me proper nightmares. Which is a straight up “bravo” to Mr. Robertson. *claps*

Get It:

For those of you who are brave enough to experience this book you can purchase your very own copy HERE

And if you’re interested in checking out more of Micheal Robertson’s work you can do so

On his Website

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Surprise Bonus!

If you like book one and leave a review on Amazon about it there’s a way for you to get a free copy of book 2. How? There’s a little note for you from the author at the end of Crash waiting for you to read. 😉


Have any of you every read or watch a piece of horror that pushed you past your comfort-zone? What was it and were you glad you experienced it after you made it through?

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