For this month’s flash fiction challenge I’m stealing a page from writer/reader Groawf and choosing a song to inspire this month’s flash fiction writing challenge.

10891489_601862349957826_2127714694013661373_n Here is Away Team Forever (Redshirt Requiem) by an amazing electronic prog-rock musician and close friend of mine, Cast into Ruin. If you like this piece you should definitely go check out some more of his work over on YouTube and if you extra like his work and want to support him, I recommend purchasing his music. You can buy it over HERE.

Here’s how This month’s flash challenge will work. Write a story inspired by the song and then send it my way. You can either post a link to it in the comment section of this post or you can email your story to hauntingtv[at]gmail[dot]com before Thrusday March 26 at 10pm. I will organize everyone’s responses along with mine into one post and publish it on Friday March 27th by 6am.

Together we’ll be the inconclusive evidence.

Here’s the song:

Happy writing!

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