My brains are so fried tonight, the cold I caught is lingering just long enough to make my brain bits feel like they’re dribbling out of my ear holes. Couple that with all the content I’ve been working on for here and Haunting TV and yep, I’m feeling like I’ve got pan fried brains hiding behind my eye sockets. So rather than ramble along in what I’m sure will be absolutely dreadful English I figured I’d share some of the recent episodes I’ve made of the month’s festivities over on Haunting TV. There’s quite a few of them, but I hope you visit at least one for me. Which one do you think was the most interesting?

Oh! And next week’s video is coming together really well! We’re finishing up our “Top 10 Heroines of Horror in Videogames” list and I can’t wait to put it out next Monday!

Happy Haunting 🙂

Here’s the video version of my book review for ‘Struck’ by Clarissa Johal:

Here’s my review of  the graphic novel ‘Y: The Last Man’ by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra:

And my mucho bizarro tour of the shop we filmed the review in (Savannah Comics and More):

And last but not least part 1 of my new walkthrough for American’s McGee Alice:

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