Thanks to the magic of the Manga Rock app I’ve been able to start reading more manga. I was a little hesitant to start purchasing the hard copies I’ll admit, because I didn’t want to invest in a series before figuring out if I would even like it. So manga rock has given me access to a bunch of free content to try out before I have to upgrade to actual money. I also tend to be a little bit picky with my manga content because I’m not really into the cute or overly-sex-crazed-teen-drama thing, but I did find one that I am really enjoying.

The Cage of Eden is a really well written manga that feels a little bit like you’re reading a different telling of Lost. A plane full of  middle-schoolers, their teachers, and tourists crashes on the way back to Japan from Guam. After the crash landing the kids have to find a way off of the uncharted island and back home alive. The leaving alive part is particularly difficult to manage because the island in infested with massive extinct animals.

The only negative things I can say about this manga is the quality of the translation tends to fluctuate.  Sometimes the grammar is a little painful, but it’s forgivable when you realize most of the translators do it on a volunteer basis. The other down side it the random misogynisic comments that get tossed around from time to time. “Oh hey, they can’t help they’re just a bunch of women.” Although it does make up for those moments by having some really baller battles where the girls kick some serious butt.

This story is hard to put down. The characters are constantly struggling to survive, always moving to find some new clues as to where they are and how they can get home, and there’s plenty of conflict between the characters. Both romantically and otherwise.  And don’t worry, there’s also plenty of the requisite leering frames at all the pretty girls. So you won’t miss out on that tradition manga manga fun. 😉

I haven’t finished the entire series yet, but I am loving the journey and the humor that they have written into it.

I give it out 4 out of 5 blood spattered stars. It looses a star for not being quite scary enough and for the random misogyny. But the artwork, humor, and story keep this in the “keep on my digital bookshelf for future visits” category. So, if you’re feeling up for some death, mayhem, survival horror, and mystery – with a little romance tossed in, I think you’ll really enjoy reading this one.

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