With February drawing to a close, and women in horror month along with it, there are a few projects that I want to draw your attention to.

-Read it-

11022567_707775669340560_6825543214072666254_nFirst off , Nina D’Arcangela, Gloria Bobrowicz and Julianne Snow have published the next issue of Siren’s magazine.

This month is “Whisper’s in the dark” and is- of course- an all women created collection of horror art, poems and short stories. You’ll see my contribution on page 72. ūüėČ

You can download/read the issue by clicking on over HERE

-Hear it-

Pseudopod¬†has an incredible episode as part of their “Artemis Rising” series and this episode is particularly chilling. The story this week is “The Devil Inside” written by Shannon Connor Winward. And this tale takes you for a walk down a very frightening path involving a very new mother. *shudder*

Footnote—> Pseudopod was not a participant of the¬†official¬†Women in Horror Month but they were celebrating it in their own way and I didn’t want to leave their contribution out.¬†

-Watch it-

I also wanted to share with you the wonderfully gruesome anthology of blood drive PSAs made by some of my favorite female directors; like the Soska Sisters and Jessica Cameron. Check it out:

In the near future I’ll be writing up some articles on a bunch of these ladies. I have questions I need answered and hopefully you’ll find my hunt for information to be interesting as well.

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