I have one last tell I want to share with you from my journey to Savannah Georgia, but I have saved the best for last.

While visiting Savannah Comics Chuck, the owner, gave us the phone number for what he feels is the best tour in town, the Creepy Crawl with Greg Profit. Ghost stories, drinking, and a tour of the town? You bet we called him up. So we set up a time during the next day to meet up with Greg for an interview which would be followed by a night on tour with him.

Greg Profit founder of the Creepy Crawl

Alexander and I met Greg outside of the Six Pence Pub and we got to know just how colorful of a character he is. Greg is retired Coast Guard and he settled in the area over 20 years ago. When he first arrived in Savannah, GA he found that everyone seemed to either believe in ghosts or had a personal story of their own to tell. He politely listened to everyone’s stories, but never really believed them. That is, until a few weeks into his first tour guide job as a horse and buggy driver. Over by Colonial Cemetery he, his horse, and the small group of people in his buggy were startled by a half body apparition crossing in front of the carriage. Which caused the horse to get spooked and run out-of-control down the street until a local helped calm her down. Since then he’s seen and experienced many things that can’t exactly be explained away.

After he got to know the town , the pubs, and the people who ran them Greg started the Creepy Crawl as a way to entertain himself and make a little extra cash on a Saturday night. No one thought is would take off, because, really, who would want to go on a southern pub crawl with a Yankee tour guide? Thing is, people have really come to enjoy his tours and now there’s a crawl happening almost every night. He’s become known as the “backwards walkin’ Guinness drinkin’ Yankee tour guide of Savannah.” and he most certainly lives up to the name. The Yankee part comes from the incredibly thick Boston accent Greg still sports. He jokingly says he’s, “a born again southern, but I just never got the accent right.” He also, honest to goodness, keeps a Guinness in one hand while guiding the tour about town walking the route entirely backwards.

The Six Pence Pub in Savannah, GA

I won’t go into the details of the stories here, because I couldn’t possibly tell them as well as Greg does. So you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the video of his tour to come out on Haunting TV. Then you’ll be able to experience his stories in his own words.

What I will say is that this tour was a complete blast. As you wander from pub to pub with Greg he entertains you with stories told to him by people who are currently living and working in the establishments, his personal experiences, as well as some of the favorite local legends. He effortlessly debunks historically erroneous rumors one moment and slides into a true story of haunting that has been backed up with hard evidence in the next. There was one pub in particular that Greg frequented in his “heavier drinkin’ days,” where staff continuously experienced things. The owner of the pub eventually found what may have been the cause- there was a body half buried in the far back corner of his basement. The owner had the body excavated and with Greg’s help they figured out who the body may have belonged to and when they died. It’s a pretty fantastic story.

Moon River Brewery Attic

The very last stop of the night was Moon River Brewery. This was my favorite stop of the night by far. And no, it wasn’t just because I was three drinks in (although that may have had something to do with it, lol). At this location, after refilling your creepy crawl cup with some delicious locally brewed beer, the group is brought upstairs to the brewery’s attic. Which is a very popular ghost hunting location because it is a particularly active one. The attic has been visited by several ghost hunter shows and (I believe) it has even been featured on the SyFy channel. And yeah, it’s a pretty creepy location. As you can probably tell from these pictures.

I was feeling a little spooked while wandering around up there, but I really do blame that on the poor lighting, mixed with my view of the world through my night-vision camera, and my inebriated state of mind.

Me and one of our fellow tourists

This was an incredibly fun tour to experience. And as Greg puts it, you don’t even need to believe in ghosts to enjoy the tour, “you’re here for the beers and you hope the stories don’t suck.”  And the stories certainly don’t suck.

Greg is a fantastic tour guide and really how can you beat it? You get an insider’s tour of the town, some entertaining ghost stories, insight into how Savannah has changed since tourism started to revitalize it, and you get to drink the entire time.

So if you ever find yourself in Savannah, GA and happen to enjoy listening to good stories, ghosts, walking tours, or drinking, you should schedule a night tour with the Greg on his Creepy Crawl. And if you have under-aged folks in your group, or prefer a less inebriated tour he also offers the Creepy Stroll. You can book a tour by visiting his WEBSITE.

As a closing thought, I just have to say it was such a pleasure to meet someone who is totally living the dream. Pretty much every night he gets to go out drinking with a group of people, tell them stories all night, and gets paid to do it. Yep, that sounds like a pretty fantastic way to retire, and I hope all of you get the chance to experience the creepy crawl some day.

Attic stairs at Moon River Brewery

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