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Art has such power over me. It inspires, it drives, it is quite frankly what makes me tick. And sometimes I get the opportunity to see an exhibit that gets new wheels turning in my brain. The current show living in the MAC650 Gallery in Middletown, CT is one of those shows.  Happening this week until it’s closing on April 19th is the Wandering Uterus II show. And there are some particularly striking pieces in this show that I want to share with you.

The Wandering Uterus II, is an exhibit featuring 10 female Connecticut artists and opened Friday April 3rd at the MAC 650 Gallery in Middletown’s North End. It is running through April 19th. So if you happen to be close-ish to CT, I reccomend stopping by for a gander.

This show is incredibly well curated, and there is a beautiful variety in the styles of art on display, but being the horror hound I am, there were a few artists in particular I wanted to point out. The first is the group of creepy has heck dolls from  Here a few of my favorites, but you can see more of the pictures I took over on my Pintrest board or on their website. section of the MAC650 Gallery Wandering Uterus II show

Here’s a little about the Mystic Asylum (ripped pretty much directly from their website):

“The Mystic Asylum is a collector of antiques, intrigued by the notion of where they came from, who made them and who played with them. Her work is a fusion of her love of texture, color, timeless elements, and the natural world that are laced with clandestine symbolism. She creates her dolls with a real, sense of emotion to them. She uses a lot of layers of faux dirt to built-up on the idea that they are old and weathered. As they come alive, each doll reveals their unique personality. They exist in their own realm and time, and each piece offers a glimpse into their esoteric world. They are often haunted by ghosts of lost children, abandoned and left behind, living in trunks of damp foggy basements and attics awaiting their future.”

And yeah, there are even more creepy doll-things on their site.

The other artist that caught my attention in the exhibit was Carrie Dinunzio, who has this really unsettling organically shaped ceramic work. Something about her work gives me the delightful heebie jeebies, but I can also see that it’s telling the story of cells splitting and growing into new life. It’s certainly one of those collections of work that makes you pause.

The artwork of Carrie Dinunzio at the MAC650 Gallery

ceramic art by Carrie Dinunzio

Dinunzio is an artist and a teacher based out of Hartford CT. She has some wonderfully whimsical jewlery for sale on her Etsy store and she’s constantly posting photos of her work while it’s in progress on her Instagram (@cjdinunzio) and on her blog (

ceramic art by Carrie Dinunzio

If you’d like to check out more of the work being shown at the MAC650 Gallery you can see it over at

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  1. Your article about creepy ceramic dolls is very interesting. I never even heard of creepy ceramic dolls until I ran across your post. I have heard of ceramic cats, clay dogs, regular ceramic dolls, funny ceramic dolls but nothing like this. It’s interesting how she uses faux dirt to build up on the old weathered look. The dolls look like something out the past, like the 1940’s. The exhibit looks to be interesting but yet very bizarre at the same time. I would tend to look away but tempted look back for more because it’s so intriguing. Thank you for sharing and putting together a well written post!

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