jenDid you know that one of your fellow readers is an awesome horror flash fiction writer? Oh, you didn’t? That’s ok, I’ll fill you in.

Jennifer McCullah commented way back when on the Top 5 Sources for Horrror Flash Fiction post, saying that is actually one of the first places that posted her work. Well, I finally got a chance to go and check out her stories and I loved them so much I wanted to bring you some links so you can enjoy her work as well.

Warning: Jen writes some pretty gruesome stuff,  gore, violence and some sexual themes to follow. On her behalf I say:

You’re welcome.

*maniacal laughter*

[Click the title to read the story]


A ghost returns to her murderer to exact revenge.


Someone is haunted by their past in dreams and struggles to find ways to stay awake.

Free Publicity

A controversial artist comes to town and takes advantage of some free publicity from the local news station. But the artist quickly discovers that nothing is really ever free.


When you push an artist…


A secret obsession, an incredible artist, a hidden talent turns deadly.

Unexpected Visitors

A kind soul allows a group of hitchhikers to stay in their home for the night with unexpected consequences.

Valentine’s Day

Single’s awareness day- and a grisly reminder.

Stranger Danger

Beware of the dangers held within vans parked near playgrounds.

Make a Wish

Careful what you wish for kiddos…

No More Nightmares

When the patient’s treatment needs to be escalated.


Thank you so much for reading Jen, and definitely let me know when you post things in the future. I can’t wait to read more from your wonderfully twisted mind. 😉


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