Front gate, Center Street Cemetery

To celebrate my healing knee, and enjoy a little bit of spring-time sun, I took a wander over to the historic  Center Street Cemetery in Wallingford, CT.

a view of one corner of the Center Street historic cemetery

Even in the dingy coating of grime left behind by snow melt it was a beautiful jaunt through the graveyard. I visited some of the cemetery’s notables and if I had been feeling a little stronger I would have made a point of visiting each of the specifically marked graves.

Here’s the about burb from the cemetery’s Facebook page:

 “The Center Street Cemetery on Center Street in Wallingford, Connecticut is a 6-acre (24,000 m) cemetery dating from 1670. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997. Lyman Hall, a native of Connecticut who moved to Georgia and was a signer of the Declaration of Independencein 1776, is memorialized here, as is Moses Yale Beach, newspaper publisher and founder of the Associated Press.  The tomb, set on the north end of the 300-year-old Center Street Cemetery, lies near the graves of such other notaries as Thomas Yale, brother of the founder of Yale University; John Brockett who designed much of New Haven, and Joseph Benham, whose daughter and granddaughter were the last people in New England to be tried for witchcraft.  In addition to such notables are stones marking the graves of the town’s first settlers and those of soldiers who fought in the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the American Civil War and every other major conflict up to the present.”

So, overall it’s a pretty fantastic place to get lost wandering around in. Eventually I think I’d like to do a little more research into the lives of some of the people resting here, but in the meantime I’ll be visiting their webpage to gather some more snippets of wisdom.

These are just a couple of the photo’s I took during my visit, so if you’d like to see them all I’ve posted them on my Facebook page so I don’t bog this page down with too much baggage.

On a closing, childish and totally inappropriate note, I thought this particular gravestone was quite funny.

John Munson, Fannie, his wife, and his other wife, and his other other wife…

“Fannie”. *snickers*

I’m a terrible person…

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