This is kind of a random hod-podge of a post, but I have waaaay too much I want to say, so I’ll start you off with a little fan art for Friday of the stunning Hungarian countess Elizabeth Bathory and then move on to some bits on bobs about her that I still want to mention before moving on from the subject for a while.

Here’s my photoshop doodle:

“Elizabeth Bathory” a Horror Made original photoshop doodle

It’s based on the lead character’s most eye-catching outfit in the movie Bathory: Countess of Blood, which I reviewed recently on Haunting TV. And here’s that:

And that little conspiracy theory I mentioned at the end of the video? Well, here’s guest blogger Alexander James with his thoughts on the matter. However…


He goes into very specific details about the film in this discussion, so if you don’t want movie details ruined for you jump a head to the next big chunk of ugly red text.


Hey everyone. This is Alexander from Haunting TV. 

So in the film “Bathory: Countess of Blood” there is a huge conspiracy that unfolds throughout the story. The wrap-up of this conspiracy happens when the character “Thurzo” goes to the church for support in charging “Erzsébet Báthory” with murder and consorting with the devil. At this point the church reveals that it has spied on Turzo’s doings and has a count of all of the spoils “Thurzo” has seized from “Erzsébet Báthory‘s” estate. The church then asks for a large percentage of the spoils in exchange for the church’s “help” in the matter. If you pay attention to the monks and their various moments of evidence gathering you’ll start to see a trail that leads back to the church. If you pay attention to the church’s actions towards the end of the film (including how they treat the two monk’s who they had spying for them) you’ll notice that the church never really cared about if “Erzsébet Báthory” was evil. They only cared about the property and treasure she possessed. This can also be seen as a commentary on the ideals of men in power at the time. The idea that women should not own property. This was very common for that time period and a major theme in the film. Our conclusion was that the church is the true villain in the film. They are the master manipulators that caused many of the misfortunes in her life and even manipulated “Thurzo” and his cohorts to act as they did. This is our theory. If you have seen the movie let us know what you think about our theory and if you have one of your own.


*** but a continuation of Alexander’s post***

Now on to my inspiration for recommending that Jeanette and I watch this film in the first place. I am a huge fan of the Nintendo Gamecube game “Eternal Darkness Sanity’s Requiem” which was made by “Silicone Knights” and released in 2002. This was an amazing psychological adventure game that had an award winning story. The spiritual successor “Shadow of the Eternals” is currently being developed by “Quantum Entanglement Entertainment” and features the historical figure “Erzsébet Báthory.” The original game also featured historical figures which is why is was so very interesting. Anytime real history is interwoven with fantasy I am automatically interested in the material. Watching videos of “Shadow of the Eternals” in anticipation of the game’s release made me hungry for any info on the historic characters in the game to sustain me before the game’s release (which is a ways away currently). As a last little tidbit I wanted to let you all know that “Eternal Darkness” was also a huge inspiration for our show “Haunting Light” which you can watch here:

Here are some additional links to the games I mentioned: Eternal Darkness Sanity’s Requiem: and Shadow of the Eternals:

All the Best,



On a final note I just wanted to mention that before Alexander even reccomended the film I had actually heard of the countess on one of my favorite (non-horror) podcasts. Stuff  You Missed In History . So here’s the LINK  to the episode of Stuff  You Missed in History Class did on her.

And if you don’t know about this podcast, and you are the type who enjoys history, you should definitely check it out. It is very well produced, informative without getting too in-depth, and they always talk about entertaining topics.

See you again on Monday!!

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    1. Ack, yeah, I’ve been having a few issues with images loading for some reason. I’m working on fixing them, it seems like when I link the image from elsewhere it “forgets, so I’m in the process of re-uploading everything. Thank you so much for helping me find the broken links!


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