I’ve been slowly working on a painting of Pinhead I promised to @Para_Mystery on twitter and I figured why not watch one of the movies I wanted to talk about while working on the painting? So… Here’s the pinhead process photos combined with my review of the 2014 horror movie “Altar.”

An English family moves to the Scottish moors so the mother, Meg Hamilton [played by Olivia Williams], can work on renovating a historic house for a wealthy American businessman. When they move in they quickly discover that the house is hiding many unsettling secrets  within it’s old walls.

Here’s where the Pinhead painting began:

So I began watching “Altar” when I picked up a hot glue gun to begin building up texture on my painting. The set-up for Altar was pretty standard. Family moves to creepy old house in the isolated country-side and unsettling things begin to happen. The father, Alec Hamilton [played by Matthew Modin] is a sculptor and quickly falls prey to the house’s nefarious ways.

Pinhead after a few layers of hot glue and textured base coat of paint.

He’s busy being consumed by his obsessive work while the rest of the family tries to acclimate to their disturbing new home. The kids were… well, they were ok. The little boy, Harper [played by Adam Thomas Wright] had some good performances, but mostly he seemed to be forgotten by the script for a good portion of the film. The daughter, Penny [played by Antonia Clarke] had one scene that fell just shy of frightening and otherwise, she played the stereotypical “angsty teen daughter.”

This movie was well shot, atmospheric, with some decent looking production design. But, overall, it seemed to fall flat for me. It was a mild variation on “The Shining” with a little more of the usual “haunted house” tropes tossed in for good measure. There were some spooks popping up and some unsavory visitors that (TWIST!!) were not who you expected them to be. Nothing in this movie really surprised me. Except for a sequence near the end with a car that looks like a sorority attacked it with lipstick. That was, in fact, surprising. But in a way that made me chuckle.

The characters in this story were dreadfully one dimensional, for the most part. The kids were, “lovable boy” and “angsty teen girl.” Dad was possessed and crazy violent man while Mom was just trying to keep everything rolling. The Mom was the most interesting character and Olivia Williams really brought some depth to Meg through her performances. Meg was a character that had moments of boldness to her balanced with an earnest lack of confidence in herself as a woman. She’s one of very few reasons to watch this movie.

Although the depth build up is coming along nicely ^.^   A video posted by Jeanette A. (@jeanette_art) on May 7, 2015 at 10:34pm PDT

Mostly, this movie was just bad. Flat, boring, and predictable – story and performance-wise, but visually interesting and brought back from the brink of total bleh by Olivia Williams. So I’m giving “Altar” a 2 out of 5 blood spattered stars. If I hadn’t been half focused on my pinhead painting, I probably would have turned it off or fast forwarded through things.

More hot glue build up top fix some of my depth issues, and then some angry dried blood brown 🙂

A video posted by Jeanette A. (@jeanette_art) on May 10, 2015 at 7:11pm PDT

And as of right now, that’s where Pinhead is. I’m thinking that later this week I’ll need to pop on some Hellraiser and finish this puppy up. I’ll be posting the finished painting here, but if you want to see any further process pics I recommend giving me a follow over on twitter – @HauntingTV

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