[Head’s up! the gallery below is full of images from my life drawing session last night, so there is some artistic female nudity.]

Sorry for the late post today guys, there’s been a lot going on lately, but you already know that 😉 What do don’t know is that I may have had too much wine during last night’s event and which may have also caused a much later and groggier start to my day today…

Last night I went to the first ever MAC650 drink and draw life drawing session and had a total blast. Met some cool folks and brought out my Tinkerbell lunch box of colored pencils for the occasion. (Yeah, I know, Tinkerbell’s not my usual character choice, but I’m a bizarre mixture of macabre and childish).

Well, I’m off to go sing in a graveyard for a while. Catch you on Monday!

2 thoughts

    1. I find the journey tends to be just as interesting as the end product sometimes. Especially this one… this painting is quite frankly kickin’ my bum. I’m hopeful that, with enough work, it’ll turn out the way I’m hoping. 🙂

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