I think one of my favorite things about blogging and YouTubing is that suddenly I don’t feel so nervous about talking to my favorite content creators. In fact, now that I know chatting them up is actually the opposite of annoying [in fact, it’s a welcome interaction] I’ll be hard pressed to shut up now. People generally aren’t as difficult to get a hold of as you may think. And now I have the excuse of “oh, yeah, I want to interview you so I can post it on my blog.” But really, I’m just genuinely interested and want to know more about them.

Episode 315 of 9th Story Podcast: The Rough Cut – http://www.9thstory.com/315/ You’ll notice a familiar name in the first five minutes mentioned 😉

One of the moments where I realized just how receptive other creators can be is when Dan Foytik, host of the 9th Story podcast messaged me on twitter saying he liked my artwork. I practically melted. I’ve been listening to the 9th Story Podcast  since I figured out what podcasts were a few years ago. (Yep, another thing I was late to the party on lol). I love his interviews with storytellers of all sorts, because, when you really get down into it, everyone is a storyteller in their own right. Writers, artists, musicians, we all have a story we want to tell, we just use different languages to tell it. So when I got that message it was kind of like… I don’t know, Batman flying in to say he’s noticed and been enjoying my work as a normal citizen. It was hard not to fan-girl all over him at that moment. >.<

But the secret’s out now. And I’m very much ok with it. Because I’m so excited about all of the work Dan has been doing with 9th Story podcast and now with the Wicked Library Podcast .

The Wicked Library podcast was one I wish I had found sooner. They perform horror short stories from all sorts of authors every week, and they have some incredible stories being performed there. My favorites so far are #515 “The Shoot” by Kevin Bufton and #512 “Grey and Red” by Dan Foytik himself.  Also, on the nerd-explosion-spectrum, I’m super excited that Neil Gaimen has a submission coming up on the Wicked Library soon!!

Life is great. And I’m so excited to be connecting and collaborating with so many incredibly talented people. You’ll be hearing more and more about my new (dare I say it? yep,) friends all over the net. And I do want to take a moment to thank you for reading, liking and commenting. You guys are the reason I keep talking. And if you have any horror or dark artwork, music, or stories you’d like me to check out, let me know. 🙂

Ok, lovey-dovey talk is done now. Let’s all take a ride on the elevator of doom with Victoria of the 9th Story Podcast.

Horror Made Original: Victoria takes you for a ride on the 9th Story Podcast

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