Very action. Much Apocalypse. Extra wow.

Ok, so, I enjoyed the heck out of Mad Max when I saw it this week. I was drooling over the insanely detailed production design, gained an instant crush on Nux [played by Nicholas Hoult] and I will absolutely be purchasing a copy of this once it comes out on blu-ray/DVD.

For the record, I have never seen the original Mad Max movies. They are most certainly on my radar now though. And I’m a little surprised that I haven’t watched them yet. I mean, come on, apocalyptic road warriors in a dystopian desert world? That’s right up my nuclear-waste-coated alley. Already I’ve heard some grumblings about how the story and character development was a little lacking in this film, which I mildly agree with. However, I feel that by the end of this film you really got to know the main characters. It’s not a drama style character development type of film, but it is a high octane crazy action movie – the likes of which I haven’t seen since the 80s. And I could go on for days about all of the cool things this movie did, but I’ll just mention the highlights.

download (2)

The war machine designs made me want to weld random things to my car and then go to a monster truck show.


The cinematography made some bold choices with color and almost constant camera movement. Which gave this film a stunning look and breath-taking momentum.

download (3)

The character Nux, one of the half-life warrior boys, had a great character arc. Starting on one side of battle and transforming into an entirely different mind-set by the end. Also, look at those crazy elaborate scars!! That tells me so much about the culture of the half-life warriors. They’re self-mutilation and brainless obedience to their war lord.


The special effects were beautiful, they took what stunning things were already happening in the practical effects realm and brought them into an entirely different world. I dare say, even epic proportions of world creation were successfully reached in the making of this movie.

download (1)

And then there were the costumes. Which made stunning use of materials and textures to create a story of the culture of scavenging and how brutal the environment and civilization had become.


The most beautiful thing they achieved? They had a badass cast that was equal parts male and female. But the protagonist is not who you go in expecting to see.

I fracking loved this movie. 5 out of 5 blood spattered stars. Seriously. Go watch it.

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