For this week’s Fan-art Friday I have this bizarre self portrait for you guys inspired by the barbed-wire zombies of the game, “The Evil Within”.

Alexander and I have been doing a let’s play series of it for a while now called “Watch Us Die” where we chit-chat about random HTV news and get our bums handed to us while playing. And if the mistake is made to give the controller to me? I purposely kill our character in as many ways as possible. XD The episodes are a little long-winded at the moment so we’re currently in the process of trimming all of them down to just the funny bits. And this has inspired an entirely new mash up series which will be going on our HTV gaming channel.

As for the game itself? It’s incredibly well designed and has a really cool story line so far. I really want to get a couple solid days of game-a-thoning in so we can finish it up, because I want to know how this ends! Is it all in the man dude’s head? Or has some crazy apocalypse action actually gone down? I want to know!!

Here’s the current Watch Us Die Episodes:

Have a haunting weekend folks!! ^.^

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