Horror Made original artwork: Episode 150 of Trick or Treat Radio

I know I talk about Trick or Treat Radio a lot ( Top 10 Podcasts of 2014, and various other posts), but one of my favorite podcasts reached their 150th episode this week and I wanted to wish them a happy Podday! So I made them the above present. 🙂

The above artwork I made was a spin on their itunes/sticher icon:

The image itself wasn’t supposed to be the whole present though. I was going to pair one of the Deadites’ songs with the photoshop recording of me making the image and then post that here for fan art Friday. Unfortunately the recording failed on the long and interesting part so I had to scrap that idea for today.

*disappointed corrupted digital trumpet noises.*

I did, however actually take Wednesday night off to join their live recording of this week’s episode, so when you listen to the episode you’ll hear me in the chat room, and you’ll hear the ridiculous voicemail I sent them. As far as the voicemail goes, I’m not sure what response I was thinking it was going to get, but I’m both amused and flattered by the way they reacted.

For this week’s episode they had 2 guests, a ton of voice-mails, Dynamo lost a bet and is going to have to shave his head, and they reviewed 2 movies: 90’s horror movie “Scarecrow Attacks” and “Kung Fury.”

I absolutely recommend you give this episode a listen. You can find it on Sticher, itunes and on their website.

And if haven’t seen it yet, watch “Kung Fury.” It is the most hilarious 80’s-tastic action-packed thing you will ever see.

Signing off ~ Your captain of the weird and macabre

~Jeanette Andromeda

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