Whoo! The newest episode of Treceived_10204708787707192he Wicked Library went live yesterday! And I’m very proud to say that I was able to contribute to this week’s episode by making the icon artwork.  Which is this image


Here’s what this week’s tales are about:

Double Dread: “Once There was a Photographer” and “The Best Intentions”
Author: Mark Nixon

The Wicked Library brings you another double shot of terror with a two ghastly new tales from across the pond by Mark Nixon. Enjoy a terrifying trip down a dark alley with “Once There was a Photographer” and a bloody awful trip to claim a special pocket watch with “Best Intentions”. Both stories, and many others, can be found on Shadows at the Door. Get more details here: shadowsatthedoor.com

ok, so now that you have a little context, let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s where you can listen to the Dan Foutik’s performance of the stories: http://www.thewickedlibrary.com/602/

And because you started here, I have a little bonus for you. I made some additional images to go with the story. Just a few, but I wanted to share them with you anyway. 🙂

“Once There Was a Photographer”

The following artwork was done with pencils, markers, and ink on paper with some additional shadows added in Photoshop.

Horror Made Original: A fascination with cameras
Horror Made Original: A fascination with cameras
Horror Made Original: Spot lights in the dark

“The Best Intentions” 

hand Watch - Copy
Horror Made Original: She handed him the Watch
Horror Made Original: He admired the watch

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