Yesterday was a jam-packed day of adventures. There were books to be had followed by a concert that delighted and surprised me.

jaws The first portion of the day you’ll eventually see on Haunting TV, it was a day trip with my book co-host Kristina to Mystic, CT. We were on a mission to find beachy horror reads so we can compile a Top 10 Beach Reads of horror video.

We filmed a few reviews while we were down there and one of the world’s most awkward book haul videos ever. We stopped at the Bank Square bookstore. (Which is the cutest little indie shop ever BTW). After we purchased a few books we went out front to do our micro book haul video and an entire bus full of kids stopped at the stop light in front of us, and of course, started heckling us. We both just laughed and teased back and forth with them for the minute the bus was idling there. I have no idea howthe-island-of-dr-moreau_6508/if that video will edit together, but I hope it does, because it was such a fun moment.

After that we wandered over to one of my favorite bookshops in the world, the Book Barn to track down some beachy horror books. So far on our possible list we have:

Do you have any suggestions for the list?

Ps. Here’s the majesty that is the Niantic Book Barn:

As for the concert, Immortal Alexander and I went to see Flogging Molly, which we did, and they were still as awesome as they were years ago, but it was the second act that blew us away. Gogol Bordello, which is a gypsy punk band. Find them, listen to them, dance to their raucous high energy multi cultural rock awesomeness.

Here’s a video of them so you can check ’em out:

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