Hello my friends, today begins a collaborative Terror Tuesday adventure that will be running for a couple months.Teaming up with me for the micro horror fun is author Patrick Rahall. Illustrations are created by me, and the two sentence stories are written by Patrick.

Terrible Magician:

I tried telling the police that I was just a terrible magician. It was a lame excuse, I know, but how  else could I explain all the women who were sawed in half in my basement?

terrible magician1
Horror Made original artwork: “Terrible Magician” made in Photoshop

Check out some  more of Patrick’s work:

He Blogs: pjrahall.blogspot.com

He’s Published: Patrick Rahall’s Books on Amazon

He writes about the Paranormal: paranormal-association.com

5 thoughts

  1. Oh, now this is interesting — 2 sentence story. These might just generate some really slick openings for fully-fleshed pieces. Or, maybe a great exercise to help come up with an opening: tell the story in two sentences…..

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      1. I recently bought an issue (May/June) of Writer’s Digest that has an article on flash fiction that I’ve skimmed and seems to address this nicely. It is on my list to dive into it and come up with some drill exercises out of it. This two-sentence business seems like another good one.

        As you may recall, gaining some skill in this short fiction thing is something I really feel I need to do to improve as a writer.

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