Hello Friends!

evolutionstoreAnother late post today, the excuse for  which was a full weekend of bachlelorette partying in NYC. I was dead to the world from 9pm last night to 11:30 this morning, so… there you go.

While out on this adventure of lingerie shopping and visits to the city’s most famous XXX toy stores I, of course, derailed the group for a good hour  or so when we passed by some taxidermy decorated doors, with a very hansome skeleton dripping the the rain around outside the front door. And thankfully, my lovely friend and bride-to-be Mary, didn’t mind me making a morbid little side quest into the sparkling, skull strewn interior of The Evolution Store.

I recorded a whole bunch of video while I was in the shop, so you’ll be seeing a shop tour video on Haunting TV in in the next week or so. (Side note, if you’re a musician and would like to have one of your songs paired up with one of my tour videos just send me a message).

The Evolution Store’s 2 headed calf Specimen

The store is a morbid magical play-land of artful taxidermy, framed museum quality bugs, fossils, and rocks. The two people working there that I spoke to, Rob and Jared, were so incredibly friendly and helpful. So major shout-outs to them! Rob was sharing stories with me about some of their taximerist adventures and I seriously think they would make a fascinating reality The show out of their adventures in and out of the store. Or a blog even, although they’ve already got that going 😉 [http://theevolutionstore.com/blog/] The story behind the two-headed calf they have in the store had them traveling all across the country on super short notice to collect the calf and bring it swiftly do all of the taxidermy processes so that the specimen wouldn’t suffer from any decay.

For today, I offer you the photos of their fascinating collection that I took while visiting The Evolution Store in NYC and my sleepy-eyed love.

If you ever find yourself in NYC, definitely add this store to your travel plans, and if you aren’t in the city, don;t worry, their website is just as cool as the real thing and totally worth spending some time exploring.

The Evolution Store Website: http://theevolutionstore.com/

They are all over the web as well:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theevolutionstore

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/EvolutionStoreNYC

Instagram: https://instagram.com/theevolutionstore/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheEvolutionNYC

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/evolutionstore/

Tumblr: http://theevolutionstore.tumblr.com/

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