Horror Made presents:

Two sentence story Tuesday: Needle in a haystack

Written by Patrick Rahall and artwork by Jeanette Andromeda

Don’t get me wrong- finding a needle in a haystack is monumentally difficult. Finding the key to your bonds in a stack of double-bladed razors is much tougher.

Needle in a haystack
Horror Made Original Artwork: “Needle in a Haystack” Pro tip: This makes a pretty decent phone background 😉

More about the author:

He Blogs: pjrahall.blogspot.com

He’s Published: Patrick Rahall’s Books on Amazon

He writes about the Paranormal: paranormal-association.com

More about the artist:

On St. Patrick’s day in preschool, Jeanette was pinched so hard for not wearing a green enough shade of green that she bled.

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