Today my wonderful Mary is getting married to an equally wonderful man, Brian. My attention and efforts have been hyper-focused on helping them out with all of the things that come with weddings. Now, these two are not having a gothic wedding, but they are both super bad-ass individuals in their own right. Mary is a set designer who knows how to speak and read in 7 different languages and Brian is the most multi-talented punk rocker you’ll ever meet. But since my head is in the land of bubbles, tulle, and weddings, I wanted to bring you some images of awesome gothic wedding things just for fun.

Also, you should totally give Brian’s band, Talking to Walls, a listen. They are amaze-balls.

Oh! And you should check out all of the awesome things Mary has done on her website!

Also, did I mention she does baller after effects stuff like this? :

After Effects Reel, mpauldesigns from mullions and muntons on Vimeo.

Well, now I have. have a happy haunting weekend everyone

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