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I’ve been itching to revamp the look of this blog for a while now, so here it is! The new format. I’m still messing around with it a bit, but I’d love to hear what you guys think of the change.

And, while I’m on the sprucing-up brain-wave, I figured I’d take another crack at something else that’s been bothering me. Now, I know I’ve touched upon this subject before, but I wanted to revisit it and clarify some of my own questions on the topic.

What is Horror Made all about?

Initially I chose the name “Horror Made” because I am both a fan and a creator of Horrorflare. I’m obsessed with many dark and twisted things, and I love to learn more about them and the people that create them.

I’ve also come to realize that I’m not your traditional horror fan, there are classic movies and books in the genre I have yet to experience and although I am partial to black eyeliner and things with skulls on them, I’m also obsessed with color and adorable stuffed animals.

I’m as likely to be found playing in a puddle of fake blood as I am to be smelling flowers in a sunlit forest. Sometimes I feel like I’m doing the horror fan thing wrong, but then I stop worrying and frolic onward to the sounds of loud angry music.

Horror is a release for me. There is so much darkness in the world that it can be overwhelming, and to poke fun at what terrifies me makes it easier for to enjoy the good things in life. That, and when things do manage to get me down, writing and drawing some horrific things lets all the ugly out before it can fester and take a deeper hold.

The “Horror” part of this blog is my exploration into the world of the horror genre.

deathandromedaPop culture and I weren’t well acquainted until after I graduated from college. Part of that was how much my family moved around and the other half had to do with the me being super duper focused on my schooling. I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do. But when I get into something, it’s full steam ahead. For example, I’ve read Bram Stoker’s Dracula  backward and forward, but I still have yet to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and I haven’t read  most of Stephen King’s work. Those gaps in my experience are a big part of my fun with this blog. I know I love this genre, and now, I finally have to time to explore more of it and learn all about the people who made them.

I love reading books and comics, and I can never seem to watch enough horror movies to satisfy my hunger for them. Good, bad, old or new I love them. Although, I am rather partial to the ones with really strong production design and visuals.

The “Made” part of this blog is so I have a home for all of my own mutant creations and a place to share the work of people I admire.

I’ve mentioned it before, but in case you’re new here, I’m actually a horror filmmaker as well as a blogger. I production designed for a bunch of feature films and am currently producing a few web-series that will eventually be going up on Haunting TV.  Here are a few of the films I have made:

Beyond film-making, I’m also attempting to hone my skills as a storyteller/writer11061965_10102730614887761_8073078812034881121_n and as an artist. I find inspiration to continue to this journey by talking to you guys and and collaborating with other creators.

So there you have it.

Horror Made is the home I’ve built here with you as a place to explore the existing world of horror, talk about those who are making it and to add my own creations into the mix.

I can’t thank you guys enough for reading and joining me on this journey in the wonderful twisted world of horror.

Leave me a comment with your favorite book, comic, website, or movie in the horror genre. I’d like to know what you guys think I should make certain to check out.

2 thoughts

  1. You are a distinctly unique horror blogger/fan/artist. I think you fill a niche all your own, and that’s what makes Horror Made the only horror blog I would even consider regularly visiting. You, in all your forms, combine dark and light in a tapestry that isn’t boringly predictable and cliche. Additionally, you have done yourself and the world of horror a great and much-needed service by reading Dracula backwards and forwards rather than having watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The intelligence shows.

    I would be disappointed if Horror Made was anything other than what it is.

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