This weekend was a wonderful adventure-land of horror, the macabre and Game of Thrones. Since I am a few drinks in on a Sunday night (horray for being a full-time self-employed artist!!) I figured I’d share some joyful rambling with you, my lovely friends.

If you were here in person I would be offering you a glass of apple moonshine and hugs, because I am the huggy sort of drunk.

My inebriated state is due greatly in part to Immortal Alexander and I recording this week’s episode of Watch Us Die. Which is where Alexander plays “The Evil Within” and I titter happily next to him and get freaked out by the game. Tonight I made the mistake of making my drink of choice gin and tonic which, of course, hit me a little too hard and now has me here, writing run-on sentences and thinking I’m clever.

Horror Made original Artwork: The Wedding

But you’re not here to hear how my brain is swimming, nor to hear how wonderful you are and happy I am that you are reading this. NO! You’re here to hear about how how my visitto CT Horror Fest went, and how mad I’ll be if Tyrion Lannister gets his head lopped off by the Mountain in season 4. (Which is what I have been bingeing on of late.) The answer to the second is: FURIOUSLY SAD. The answer to the first is as follows:

I had a rip-roaring good time at the CT Horrorfest. They has some great stars: Mick Foley [wrestler – super sweet], Felissa Rose [Sleepaway Camp- she’s gorgeous BTW], Gunner Hansen [the Texas Chainsaw Massacre], Sarah Nickolin [Disco Excorcist], Doug Bradley [Hellraiser], Micheal Jai White [Spawn] and so many other amazing people. They also had a great group of vendors and found a really cool venue. The venue was a bit of a blast from the past on it’s own because the Matrix building is the very same sci-fi honey comb thing I filmed in for a segment of “5 Sense of Fear.”

“Taste” from “5 Senses of Fear” filmed in the Matrix Building

I’m one of those weird people who loves actors, but gets weird about talking to them unless I know them so I said hello to Sarah Nicklin and Got wide-eyed at everyone else and then went off to go talk to the people to leave the biggest twinkles in my eyes- the authors and artists.

I managed to catch one panel (admittedly, the only on I was particularly interested in) The Comic Book panel. On this panel was Sam Costello [Writer for Split Lip Comics], Jeff Zornoff [Artist and writer known for his work on Godzilla and ’68 comics], and Matthew Summo [Writer for the new series “Dedication” coming out by Double Take Comics]. It was a very interesting discussion about their work and where they think the industry of horror comics is going next. Zornow had some really thoughtful insights about how horror is taking a serious swing in the supernatural and spiritually based horror realm right now, away from the 90’s “realistic” slasher. He felt that the next wave will be more demons, witches and werewolves, but I personally feel like Sci-Fi is taking over in the heart of pop-culture right now. Come on! Guaridans of the Galaxy blew the world’s socks off, X-Files is doing an event series, and Freakin’ STAR WARS is coming out this year!! I see the world built by Twilight, True Blood, and AHS: Coven being transformed by the world’s obsession with lightsabers and Ancient Aliens. However, that is probably a rant left for another time.

After the panel I wandered from booth to booth and met some really great people. I’d rather not have this post go on for too long, So it’ll simply be a list with minor thoughts that I promise to revisit in an in depth way in the near future.

erm… actually  the list got to be a little long, I’ll jusy give you a gallery with captions that link to their individual awesomeness instead:

Hopefully I caught everyone I had such great conversations with, if I missed you- I blame the moonshine, coupled with the gin, coupled with hours of Game of Thrones. GoT will always blank out your mind if given enough time.

Also, is it just me, or did my gallery get tipsy too?

Eh, it could be worse, I could have missed out on all of the fun there was to be had at CT horrorfest, but instead I get to tell you guys I met a ton of great people, discovered some great new work, and I’ll be bringing you a tour video of the con over on Haunting TV very very soon. You are all lovely, hugable people. How was your weekend?

Also, for fun, here’s a great collection of Game of Throne fan art:

Mother of Dragons – by babsdraws

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  1. Thank you for the shout out! You are such a fantastically bubbly person! Best of luck to you!!! ~Serendipity Bloom


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