More Tales to Terrify in the Revenge of the Skin-Walker

Last week on Friday I did a post about Skin-walkers and told you guys I’d had a hard time finding stories about them. And because you folks are awesome I now have more stories to share! Thank you Dillon for sending me this link!!

skinwalkinSo here are some even better and more plentiful skin-walker stories for you guys to sink your teeth into. Seems like a pretty great way to start off the weekend.

Here’s the link, and holy cow, the third story in gave me the heebie jeebies, so I drew today’s pictures based on it.

Enjoy the chills 🙂

Creepypasta about goat man/shapeshifters

I also wanted to share some other artists interpretations on the subject, so here are a few I found particularly haunting:


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