Last week on Friday I did a post about Skin-walkers and told you guys I’d had a hard time finding stories about them. And because you folks are awesome I now have more stories to share! Thank you Dillon for sending me this link!!

skinwalkinSo here are some even better and more plentiful skin-walker stories for you guys to sink your teeth into. Seems like a pretty great way to start off the weekend.

Here’s the link, and holy cow, the third story in gave me the heebie jeebies, so I drew today’s pictures based on it.

Enjoy the chills 🙂

Creepypasta about goat man/shapeshifters

I also wanted to share some other artists interpretations on the subject, so here are a few I found particularly haunting:

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  1. I saw ‘something’ near old Sinagua ruins in Wupatki Nat Monument last year. After much online research, it seemed that ‘skin walker’ was most likely what I saw/heard. Of all the online images, this most closely resembles what I saw that night.

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  2. I’m actually terrified right now. The creature in the picture is EXACTLY what the creature that has been tormenting me for the last two and a half years looks like. Long story short I played with the Ouija Board quite often a while back and ever since then, whatever this thing is, has been haunting my dreams. I constantly have nightmares about it and one night I heard it scratch it “nails” up my wall, across my roof, and down the wall above me. I felt it ghost its hand over my face, down my neck and back and it even grabbed my leg. (A million other things happened to that I could write a book on it.)

    I’ve been searching for years now on what it is and look like but I’ve never been able to find anything. Everything was either so close but not it or completely different. That is until now, and when I saw this photo I started crying. It had struck fear into my heart and I froze completely.

    It has been so hard to describe everything that has happened to me over the last several years because I know most people will think I’m either crazy, seeking attention, and/or making all of this up. Honestly, I could care less if you believe me or not, because I know what I saw, felt, heard, and experienced is 100% real. Nothing has been the same since… And I doubt it ever will again.

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  3. What a cool idea! I’ve literally typed in creepy pasta into search and in 5 secs found this. Saw loads of stuff on Reddit but stuff gets samey. Skin walkers, however, is cool as hell. Going to have a read now. 🙂

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