Hello my lovelies, since it is the first Tuesday of a new month Patrick Rahall and I will be bringing you some fresh horror flash in a slightly different way for the next month or so. Starting next week, Tuesdays will be home to Horror Haikus with original artwork by yours truly.

For today here is the round-up of all of the previous 2 sentence stories:

Terrible Magician:

I tried telling the police that I was just a terrible magician. It was a lame excuse, I know, but how  else could I explain all the women who were sawed in half in my basement?

Needle in a Haystack

Don’t get me wrong- finding a needle in a haystack is monumentally difficult. Finding the key to your bonds in a stack of double-bladed razors is much tougher.

Muddy Boots

I hate when my husband leaves his muddy boots in the hallway. I don’t like to nag, but he was buried in them. 


Last night I came into the police station screaming that I was a werewolf and they shot me twenty times. I’m back again today and they still don’t believe me!

Hobo Stew

One of my favorite meals as a poor kid growing up was hobo stew. Making it as an adult is difficult though, because finding fresh Hobo is a challenge.


I’m so sick of getting possessed. At this point, it’s like sitting on a crowded bus.

If you’re enjoying the 2 sentence stories, pop on over to Patrick’s blog and let him know you want him more.  pjrahall.blogspot.com

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