This week has been a very mixed experience for me.

I had all sort of plans for today’s post that were thrown to the four winds because of it. So, rather than bottle things up I’d like to share a little of the darkness that is clinging to my edges.

I will, however, preemptively warn you, this is nothing like what I normally write here and I don’t know if you will find it helpful or not so feel free to come back on another day.


There were some incredibly great things that have or are going to happen this week and some of the worst possible things have happened. I might as well start with the sorrow and then come back around to the beautiful things that are bringing me hope.

This past month several people I know have passed away. And my heart goes out to their families and the ones left behind. None were given enough time on this plane of existence and I can only hope that their souls will find solace in the afterlife. They will be remembered, and both will be missed almost as much as they are still loved.

Because of the person I am, I struggle with allowing myself to mourn and my constant drive to find some light in the moment. I keep thinking that, sometimes life is just a big black void with only specks of light for us to be drawn to. And it is those specks, those moments and people we come in contact with everyday that bring meaning to it all.

Sometimes, often really, I am reminded of how fragile and precious life is. We really do need to take what moments we can and enjoy them. And we cannot wait to tell the people in our lives how important they are.

It seems a little silly to end a rather introspective and sullen post with these next couple things. But.. this is where the celebration of life overcoming the darkness comes into play. So here are my happy thoughts.

Mark Nixon, author of Shadows at the Door, is getting married this weekend. And to him I say, “Congratulations!! May your days be many and you troubles be few.”

Peter Scythe, the artist behind Cast Into Ruin, released all 267 of his original songs in a single day this week. To him I say,  “You Freakin’ rock! Keep making beautiful things and may your well of inspiration never run dry.”

Kristina Kiraly, my co-host on Haunting TV, spent the day on a random filming adventure with me. She unknowingly helped me get through the day and kept me focused on our future projects. To her I say, “Thank you for being the joy I needed in my day, and I am so incredibly glad to have joined you on this journey.”

And, to all of you, I just want you to know that I love you.

I know its a strong word, and that it’ll probably weird you right the heck out.

I don’t care. Whether you are someone I’ve known since elementary school, someone I’ve just met, or someone whom I don’t even know the name of yet, you are loved. And you quite frankly deserve to be told that.

Live long and prosper my friends.

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