*Does an awkward overly excited about my pun dance.*

Scott Synder of course! (Get it?! Bites! he wrote about vampires?! BWAHAHAHAHA)

*cough cough* Anywhoo…

I went on a Scott Synder (author of the American Vampire graphic novel series) binge and found some really cool interviews and artwork I wanted to share with you.

I’ll start with my review of American Vampire Volume #1 to give you a little context, and then go from there.

So, I’ve been working my way towards reading the next volume in the series, but I have yet to get to that part of my “read it list” (which is a monstrous ever-growing creature that can only be compared to the Dunwhich horror in it’s hulking, ferocious, and unknowable terror.) In the mean-time I wanted to learn a little bit more about the author Scott Snyder and some of his thoughts about and behind the series.

The internet did not disappoint. And after reading/watching these interviews? I’m suddenly anxious to blast through American Vampire and join the fan-train for it’s continuation: Second Cycle.

This guy gets interviewed A TON. So I’ve sifted through the bulk of the interviews and here are the links and summaries for each of the best ones:

  1. Interview on Newsarama.com: Scott Snyder talks about American Vampire Issue #1 (right after it first came out!) and how Stephen King became involved with the project.
    1. Talking Points
      1. How did you get hooked up with vertigo?
      2. How about with Stephen King?
      3. What makes American Vampire stand out from the Vampire crowd? (<— his answer to this is amazing)
      4. What is Skinner Sweet more like? Kid Rock? or Kurt Cobain?
      5. The art of Rafael Albequerque
      6. A little about issue 2
    2. Link to the interview on newsarama.com
  2. Interview on BloodyDisgusting.com: Interview with Scott Snyder about American Vampire: Second Cycle #1 from Vertigo Comics. [Written interview]
    1. Talking Points
      1.  What’s the difference between American Vampire and Second Cycle?
      2. Snyder brings a lot of historical detail into his stories. What is he bringing  from the 1960s to Second Cycle?
      3. What has the phrase “American Vampire” come to mean?
      4. Grey Trader
      5. More than Vampires lurking in the shadows?
      6. Why do you keep returning to horror?
      7. the emotional exhaustion of writing such dark fiction
      8. Tossing aside the vampire tropes
    2. Link: “Scott Snyder Reawakens American Vampire
  3. Interview and Art exclusive on Nerdist.com: American Vampire: Second Cycle #8 [written interview]
    1. Talking Points
      1. How long have you been waiting to put vampires in space?
      2. What was your favorite time period to write you characters into?
      3. Is there a time period you are looking forward to doing?
      4. Basing stories and monsters off of real-life things that can be terrifying.
      5. How much of a hindrance was Twilight or other vampire fiction during the launch of American Vampire?
      6. What monsters do you want to write about?
    2. Interview Link: Exclusive: Scott Snyder Interview and Art Preview for American Vampire: Second Cycle #8

I can only hope to be as eloquent and thoughtful in my creations as Synder is. He’s totally become one of my author idols. ❤

I have found Scott Snyder to be a particularly interesting person to follow on twitter and instagram, btw. You should check his posts out. 😉

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