FINALLY! I can actually share this with you!TWL-Cover-611-JA-1200x1200

It was killing me to keep this one under wraps until today, but…

I got to do artwork for Neil Gaiman’s episode of The Wicked Library Podcast! Yeah! 
Neil Gaiman, of Sandman, of American Gods, of The Graveyard Book of so many of my favorite books!

The episode is a performance of his short story The Price. And there’s all sorts of bonus
content to check out. There are 4″Variant covers,” Three stories, and a video all made for this episode. I’m totally freakin’ stoked out of my mind here!

Ok *deep breath* I’ll stop fan-girling for a moment to let you know the last two prizes I have added to this month’s giveaway are these sweet as fudge posters:

So here’s that link: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Seriously, I’m going to go hyper ventilate into this paper bag and you need to go listen to this episode right now. It’s only available for a short amount of time so don’t miss it!

Listen to

[The Price]

2 thoughts

    1. Hi Daniela! American Goods is still one of my favorite books, I find myself thinking about it on a regular basis. The more the merrier in raffle land! And thank you! I’m really flattered that you like my artwork. ^.^


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