Hello my friends! I hope you a delightfully refreshing weekend, I know I did. I actually *le gasp* left my computer for a while this weekend and interacted with fleshy humans! It was a wonderful experience.

Friday night I saw an incredible show at the Actors’ Gym in Hamden CT. It’s called Trail Blazers and  (while it’s not horror) it was a very entertaining and historically based one woman show about the women of the old west. If you happen to be in or around there and are fond of theater, acting, history or the old west, you should certainly check it out. Here’s the Facebook event with all of the details: Trail Blazers

A ways back I mentioned that I visited and had a blast at the CT Horrorfest. [Joyful Over indulgence in the Horrors, GoT, and Moonshine] Well, for your Monday morning caffeine consumption I offer you my convention tour video!

[ps. My favorite surprise happens shortly after the  0:49 mark. LOL, you’ll know it when you see it.]


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