Woo! Sorry for the super late post today guys, I’ve been fighting with getting an internet connection long enough to upload everything. (Thanks snow…) Here are all of the poems for today, but I’ll be updating this post throughout the day with the rest of the artwork as I get it uploaded.

**edit** Everything’s up! Huzzah!! **edit**

Our first entry into the world of

Horror Haikuesday

Is from the Horror Made resident poet, Patrick Rahall:


Awake in the dark.

I see faces surround me.

They laugh as I scream.



Next up is one that tickled the classic horror I’ve been vibing on the last few days from Anthony Etherin:



And last but not least, is this haiku chain created by Michelle Parker and Nano Horror:


Here’s the whole chain:

From @TransmogriFi:

Many tiny eyes

watch your ankles from under

the bed. They have teeth.

From @tweetsthecreeps

They have teeth, and yet

No stomach – no motive but

Malice in the bite.

From @TransmogriFi:

They take delight in

little drops of blood speckled

across the carpet.


To all my loverly poets submitting to #horrorhaikuesday I have a surprise for you *mischievous grin* but… it’s still cooking at the moment. I’ll announce it once it’s ready to share. For now, I’ll just tease you with loose ends.

Until then, if you’d like to have a chance to see your horror haiku or two sentence horror story illustrated here, leave me a comment below or use #horrorhaikuesday on twitter or Instagram to join the fun. 🙂


To my artist friends out there, I give you a horror haiku of my own creation for you to play with. If you create some art and tag it with #horrorhaikuesday on Instagram or Twitter, I’ll share your work here next week.

Demon’s Toy

I am swept from the

ground in a swirl of stinging

feathers made of night

~Jeanette Andromeda

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