#PiecesOfYou #ArtBySean

I’m going to get gushy with you for a minute, so just pretend I’m peeling my ribs open to get closer to my heart if it helps with emotional side of things.

Also, I’ll be announcing the month’s raffle winners on Monday, so please do take advantage of the last day and miscellaneious hours to enter to win some sweet little things. a Rafflecopter giveaway

You guys are amazing.

That’s right. You.

I can barely put down my phone because of the brilliant conversations we keep having on Twitter lately. And you all just keep cracking me up with your witty remarks and well played gifs. You’ve taught me about the different types of physic abilities, bounced horrifying Clown gifs back and forth in the growing #Clownado, and brought some really cool new books and movies to my attention. You guys make this blog worth it.

#NightOfTheJack #ArtBySean

So I wanted to dedicate this week’s Fan Art Friday to you lovely people.

But with a twist.

Rather than my artwork I offer you the art of one one of my new buddies on Twitter.

He was recently featured in an artist spotlight on by Kelli Marchman McNeely and his digital art creations are to die for. (lol blatant horror pun)

Here’s just a smattering of his artwork:

His name is Sean and you should go say hello to him on twitter @OddNMacabre and on Facebook.

I hope you guys all have an amazing weekend! And I’ll see you in the twitterverse until next week. 😉

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