Hello, hello my fellow creepers and welcome back!

Today is a little weekend update, photos from my various photo-shoots, and *drumroll* the winners of last month’s giveaway!

The hideous clown-dudes

So, how was your weekend? Do anything fun? Did you stab any bleary-eyed monsters in the nostril and then hook them to back of a moose just to see what would happen? If you did, I’m impressed and want to see pictures of this.

I slayed some clowns, explored a river, was awed by the majesty of monstrous boats, and had an incredible time on a photo-shoot.

Translation: I knocked over some of these clown-dudes:

I went kayaking on a river where every passing motorboat created waves that unnerved, but generally unaffected me, and I actually did go on a sweet sweet photo-shoot!

Kristina and I got all dolled up and went down to one of my favorite abandoned warehouses to take pictures. Immortal Alexander (as seen on Haunting TV) did the Photography!

I’m posting a couple now, just to give you a taste of the un-altered pictures (aside from the water-marks that is). Eventually I’ll be adding snarky quotes and photoshopping in some sort of weirdness. But, for today, here’s your Horror Made Girls. 🙂

And here are the Winners from last month’s giveaway!

  1. Rand Finch
  2. Patri Prieto
  3. Vanessa Madrigal
  4. Amy Perkins
  5. Graowf
  6. Rebecca Treadway

Congratulations everyone! I’ll be contacting you all via email to get/give all of those loverly details needed for sending you prizes.

So, to make sure you catch the next giveaway (which will be coming up soon), pop on by the Facebook Page and give it a like.

2 thoughts

  1. W00t! I’m a winner? How cool is that? I think this is like the 2nd time in my life I’ve won something like this 😀

    Nice photography … the bottom right one is particularly well done, I think.

    Liked by 1 person

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